Savings Account

Image of a Family Saving Money

Christian Family Credit Union provides you with a variety of savings accounts to meet your individual needs. You can open a share savings account for as little as $25. You can add to your account anytime, in fact, you can even have money payroll deducted and deposited to your share savings account.

You have the freedom to withdraw your money at anytime without penalty. Additionally, you may earn competitive dividends on your savings.

Our Christmas Club and Vacation Club accounts allow you to save a little at a time so your money is there when you want to take the family on a relaxing vacation or pay for gifts during the Christmas season.

To learn more about a Savings Account, Vacation Club or Christmas Club Account, give us a call!

Christmas Club

Want to have less stress during the Christmas season? The Christian Family Credit Union Christmas Club Account provides you with a way that you have cash on hand to do your Christmas shopping.

  • Open your Christmas Club Account anytime during the year.
  • Normal distribution of the Christmas Club Account balances will be made on or about October 25th of each year.
  • Distributions are made by check or transfer to another credit union account.
  • Payroll deduction and automatic transfers are available.
  • Your account may qualify for quarterly dividends.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

Policies and Disclosures

Vacation Club

What a great vacation...when you don't have to worry about the bills when you get home!

  • Open your Vacation Club Account with an initial deposit of just $25!
  • Payroll deduction and automatic transfers are available.
  • Save a little at a time and before you know it, you will have saved enough to pay for your vacation expenses.
  • Open your account anytime during the year.
  • A check will be sent to you by the date of your choice.
  • Your account may qualify for quarterly dividends.

Policies and Disclosures