Our Guiding Principles

Our Guiding Principles

Christian Family Credit Union’s commitment to you is…

To help you use debt wisely.

We’ll work with you to review your current situation and develop a plan to make your life more affordable with less worry.

Enable you to live life more generously.

As Christians, we believe in providing for our family as well as for those in need. We’ll help you be able to do both by offering competitive and flexible solutions that allow you the financial freedom to take care of your loved ones and give back to others.

Help you to build emergency reserves.

The unexpected is bound to happen in life. By building a strong savings, you and your family can have peace of mind for the planned moments of life as well as the unplanned.

Provide you with  opportunities for financial education.

As disciples of Jesus Christ, we follow His teachings and offer you and your family the opportunities to learn more about financial health and build positive habits that will allow you to make sound financial decisions throughout life.

Help you to become financially secure.

Over the years, we’ll be your partner through all of life’s financial decisions, ensuring you have the information, knowledge and resources to navigate any rough waters, arriving safely on dry land.

Be a trusted partner for you.

As part of living the life God intended, we value and hold sacred our relationship with you and the trust you place in us. Because of this and unlike other financial institutions, we do not take for granted the honor and responsibility it is to be your financial partner and strengthen our Christian community.

Glorify God by caring for you in a way that helps you become a better financial steward.

We are here to serve you with integrity and honesty and in such a way that glorifies God and opens the door for Kingdom building. Your money combined with your faith is our sole mission at Christian Family Credit Union.

With open doors, open hearts, and open minds, we welcome you and your family to join us at Christian Family Credit Union.