Account Alerts

person using smartphone

Picture this! Your cell phone rings and you see a text message that reads," your credit union checking account balance is running a little low." The message goes on to give you the exact balance in your account.

Wouldn't that be nice? Think about how useful this could be to prevent overdrafting your account. Think about the money that you could save by avoiding all those costly fees associated with returned checks.

Your credit union is excited to offer "Account Alerts".

Account Alert gives you the choice to receive a text message on your cell phone or a traditional email when your account balance reaches a certain balance. The good news is that you choose the minimum balance and the email message that goes along with it.

The service is free and all you have to do to activate Account Alert to log on to the home banking site. In the left navigation area you will see the link "Account Alerts." Click on the link and select the type of alert you would like. From there, just follow the prompts. It's that easy!

You can have an email sent to you if your balance goes below a certain dollar amount, when a certain check number clears or even when you have a loan payment due. The choice is yours! Pick one or as many of the options as you would like.